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here, apparently three dead in indiana again with this second round of storms. >> okay. crazy day. >>> still to come tonight something lighter, cats and dogs living together, say it isn't so. is that kitty giving a massage? >>> and up next. [ screaming ] >> you got a beautiful town here. >> the lorax may speak for the trees, but some environmental groups don't like what he has to say, more about the controversy coming up. >>> i'll not eat them in a house. i do not like them with a mouse. i do not like them here or there. i do not like them anywhere. i do not like green eggs and ham. >> you remember that, don't you? remember when jesse jackson did that on saturday night live? yes, i do. >> today would have been dr. seuss' 108th birthday and as has become tradition in u.s. schools, libraries and daycares, they honor the author every march 2nd with second read across america day. now this is the early childhood center, one of them in beltsville and folks are reading to head start and we're told cat in the hat, the infamous cat and the hat also made an appearance, too. >>> today a mo
into action including new mexico state against indiana. right now, tournament action is continuing. u.n.c. asheville and syracuse. do you believe in the way this game has come around? >> kenny: i really believe that when you play that zone you allow inferior teams to stay in the realm and that's what syracuse did. they've got confidence. you don't turn the ball over. >> kenny: you knock them down and the confidence level shoot through the roof. >> charles: i agree with you, kenny, as long as you are in the zone you're going to get good shots and you make the shots. >> greg a.: the i think the real issue is that kris joseph and scoop jardine are not having much impact on this basketball game. >> ernie: it is on tru-tv. a 58-54 game and we'll keep you up to speed. meantime, long beach state and new mexico. the 5-12 match-up in portland, oregon in the west regional, and it's the lobos by a deuce over the beach with just a few ticks left in the first half. are the other game harvard and vanderbilt. 16-12 vanderbilt lead. >> kenny: i thought that was 1200-1600 s.a.t. >> we've gone back and
at bethel college in indiana where they're having trouble catching larry bird. what else would you call a bird on the loose inside a gymnasium. the bird somehow escaped over a the weekend on a bird fair and has avoided capture. nothing they've tried to do seems to work to catch it. >> we tried to give him what he would like, a hotdog up about. he didn't seem to want that. popcorn scraps seemed to be kind of more his style. i think he feels the pressure after being chased for three days by college kids who could get him to a pet store to put some change in their pockets. >> very colorful feathers there on larry bird. he has been squawking from the rafters during basketball games swooping toward the fans and some of the kids seem to be more entertained by the bird than the game. you can understand that. >>> in rockford ohio police are investigating a bizarre accident that has an entire neighborhood buzzing last night. >> police say the driver of this truck of the speeding down the road, missed the turn, hit the curb, went airborne, hit the front porch of a house, landed on a car and came
. >>> caught on tape a school bus driver in henryville, indiana, outruns this month's devastating ef4 tornado with nearly a dozen kids on board. she got them to safety just minutes before the bus was tossed around by that twister. mike columbo with more on this heart pounding race against mother nature. >> reporter: it's 3:15 p.m., march 2nd, storm sirens are wailing. the 36,000-pound school bus is no match for the tornado. debris flying, lightning flashing, watch how the bus moves across the parking lot, slams into a car. and then is lifted and carried across the road crashing into a diner. the bus microphones even picking up the sound of glass break inside the restaurant. inside-- glass breaking inside the restaurant. on this bus just 13 minutes earlier 11 children heading home dismissed earlier because of the threat of severe weather. the driver reassures them. angel perry, the bus driver scrambling to find a place to take cover. >> we're going into the back. >> reporter: as the skies darken the chatter increases on the bus and the radio. >> i know you're busy. it's 3:18. i -- >> reporte
states. susan mcbegin necessary is in henryville -- mcanyone mcguinness is in henryville, indiana. >> reporter: this is day three in the aftermath of these horrible tornado and people of henryville are in recovery mode. they did not let the snowstorm complicate their recovery efforts and made very good progress here today. utility crews are working to restore power. downed power lines and gas leaks are the biggest concerns. at henryville high schoolworkers use heavy equipment to scoop up the wreckage. courtney cummings is a freshman. >> i want to be there and i want to be in my classes. i want to see my teachers and i want to see my friends. >> reporter: school has been canceled for at least the rest of the week. work cruise, residents and businesses are wasting -- work crews, residents and businesses are wasting no time cleaning up henryville and insurance adjusters are all around town getting the claims process started. >> it's going to take a long time to rebuild, but this is a great community. there's a lot of hope and we'll get through it. >> reporter: 15-month-old angel b
doesn't go, i still don't think that's enough to upset unc. i'm interested in kentucky/indiana. is kentucky as good as we saw? >> they've been looking good, though. >> they look like a b league team. they're the favorite. >> nicole, with the sweet 16 set, everybody's brackets are busted this weekend. who do you have going to the final four? >> they're not very of interest picks now with all the upsets. kentucky, michigan state, kansas and syracuse. i think we've seen a lot from them dealing with the loss of brad mellow. so that's the final four i think. >> who do you have? >> i still have my final four alive and well in my bracket. i only got 50% right. baylor, north carolina, florida, ohio state and the buckeyes the national champs. there's no rhyme or reason. >> i like it even better you got florida in the final four. i had missouri beating florida and they got knocked out. my brackets completely busted this weekend. thanks so much, guys, for coming in today. the sweet 16 continues this thursday. we'll send it back to you guys. >> busted, my bracket's atomiesed. >>> coming up
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6